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Who am I?

During the day, I am the quintessential Corporate creature, having worked with some of the largest Pharmaceutical giants for more than two decades. At other times I turn into that archeologist, historian, amateur astronomer, and a life coach, I never knew I could be.

I have always been a quizzer and global traveler, having ventured into some of the most inaccessible places on earth, mostly with my astronomical telescope and field notes. I have lived in 18 cities, and not surprisingly, I find the whole world as my home (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam as they say in Sanskrit). 

I acquired an incurable disease in childhood, which the doctors termed as ‘Curiosity’. That makes me dig deeper and ask germinal questions about human beings and their past, present and future on Earth and in the Universe.

I weave stories and provoke thoughts through my journeys into the gut of history. When it gets too heavy, I switch to light-hearted short stories from the world and 'live' people, as well as the 'ghosts' from the past.

One day, I hope to solve the conundrum, whether ‘Existence’ is indeed a Trillion-episode, intergalactic Matrix-like reality game show on prime-time, which the producer can take off-air, as we speak.

The website. The Blog. Why?

So what am I doing here on the website, Sourabhde.com. 

This website is a collection of the lessons the corporate life, the material, and the spiritual world taught me. But the prime reason was the book I wrote in the year 2021.

The Book

When I wrote my book, Time Travel: To the Edge of History, it was towards the fulfillment of a lifelong held ‘bucket list' item. Soon, I realized that I wrote the book, and it rewrote me, rewired my brain. That experience was life-changing. 

Now it is in Print on all major portals, selling decently well for a debut author and getting the kind of reviews that I least expected. The book, many say, could be the 'one book you ever needed', and can turn you into 'the smartest person in the room', leaving aside the thousands of new facts and knowledge you will get out of it for years to come.

In the beginning, I wondered whether it was even possible to publish a 450 page book while managing a fully engaging corporate schedule, a demanding family unit, and a certain set of time-consuming socialpreneurship and hobby activities. 

Eventually, everything happened. Now looking back and dissecting, it is certain that there was a method to the madness; some learned on the way, some due to natural skills and some sheer luck. And where did I get all the time, while balancing all the conflicting priorities every day?…or was that only about time management or something else?

What’s in it for YOU? 

I am aching to share those experiences with everyone out there. I thought a website and a blog would be a good start, to strike conversations with anyone who has a bit of time to chat. 

We will talk about:

Purpose, Dreams, Priorities, Motivation, Courage, Productivity, Time management, Communication, Mindfulness, Inner calm, Habits, Discipline, Perseverance, Grit, Affirmations, Improvement, Happiness, Satisfaction, Contentment and above all an all-encompassing Health and Well-Being. In short, 'Life'…Courage and Leadership in Life.

Amateur Astronomy

Alongside, I also needed to put down whatever I have learned and practiced about stargazing ever since I got my first set of telescopes almost 18 years back. Whilst being alone on the terrace or a godforsaken jungle, with my astronomical telescope and camping gear, I have had some of the most inspiring moments. Those have materialized into life-changing ideas and beliefs.

1.    How patience could be one of your biggest strength

2.    How being alone and lonely are two entirely different things

3.    How when you look at the sky, you are staring at past and future at      the same time

4.    How Universe has everything that we as a specie need to learn

Corporate and Life Coach

And then, what about my trainings as a corporate and life coach! Where does that fit in? As I pen these thoughts, I have had the opportunity to be a part of the pursuit of purpose and happiness of close to 100 individuals (from professionals to students to homemakers to businessmen, to many who don’t fit these categories), on aspects I never knew I could help them with. The deepest questions and enquiries led them to find their own answers and refine their journeys. Can I share some of those case studies with you all? of course, I can…and I want to. Many of those conversations were instrumental in shaping my own thoughts and driving me to a clarity of purpose.

Habit and Health

Finally, the secrets taught to me by one of my mentors, about the tips of a healthy, youthful being, and the bittersweet journey around that.

As I type these lines, I am ready with my sports shoes on, for my daily habit of a simple run of 1.5 km. Mind you, the keyword here is not run, not sports, not shoes, not 1.5 km (too little for a run); but ‘daily’ and ‘habit’. That’s almost 550 km in a year. Done twice a day, it’s more than 1000 km. Now that’s a big number. Who needs the gym?

As a visitor here, you are part of a keenly awakened community. Your comments, suggestions, observations about my book; the heartwarming stories you share about your fantastic journeys, keep me inspired through the days and weeks. It leads me to amplify those miracles more. 

Thank you so much for being part of this journey. I will be thrilled if you subscribe to receive my blog and Newsletter and drop me a line for chat over coffee or tea, if you prefer. 


There's much to see and absorb here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

I hope you enjoy this site and take a moment to drop me a line.

-Sourabh De