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As an avid quiz player since childhood, I have been always curious about knowledge. And this motivated me to capture my learnings about the evolution of humankind over the last 3 million years into this book.

I encourage you to read this book as it would not only help you be one of the smartest kids around but also be better prepared for the quiz.

You can buy the book from:


Scope/Syllabus of Quiz

  1. Human History, Indian History, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Book ‘Time Travel: To the Edge of History'

  2. Read my book Time Travel - To the Edge of History

  3. Visit my website and read blogs

  4. Watch video links on the above website

  5. Read the newspaper daily

  6. Forward the quiz information to family and friends and do mock practice with them

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I love to share my knowledge with kids and adults alike. I speak at various school and public events highlighting the knowledge in my book and path to success for writing a book.

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