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The Five Elements of Nature, or are there more…?

And how their interplay affects our career, life and destiny

Pic courtesy: Psychology Today

The famous five

In the ancient Indian texts, there is a concept of Panchamahabhutas, which essentially proposes that all kinds of matter in the universe are made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space.

Obviously, these are not the classic ‘elements’ that have been described as per Chemistry. However, in simple terms, let’s assume these are the natural building blocks around us that we can perceive, touch, and feel.

To a small extent, we can also control some parts of these.

But then there are several other dimensions around us that can also be considered building blocks, hence elements.

Many would argue these to be a matter of philosophy and deep observation through cultural practices for Millenia.

The other players

Accordingly, the elements could be numbered from the basic 5 to as many as 24, including Time, Light, Force, and so on.

There are millions of humans on earth whose travel and co-exist alongside the many elements of nature.

The 5 basic ones (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space) and ‘Time’ in the pursuit of greater access to the trappings of the material world. Should we then call it the pursuit of access to resources or, perhaps simplistically, money? Let’s hold on to that thought for some time.

Not strictly mathematical, but also metaphorically, let’s break down some of the key elements:

  1. ‘Space’ is where all this drama has been unfolding since time immemorial; then, of course, ‘Time’, the enigmatic element which we can’t for sure say whether it flows or is still. Perhaps we, the observer, circle around it or flit by.

  2. ‘Money’ or access or resources, whatever you call it. And finally,

  3. ‘Satisfaction’ or contentment or simply said, ‘sustained state of happiness’.

We would appreciate that there is no single or simple way of describing these elements of nature. A scientist, a commoner, and a philosopher would view these differently. And none is wrong. After all, everything we do, and experience can be interpreted differently by different people. And so is the case with whatever happens to us on our life journeys.

Nevertheless, all are important and point to the fact that the elements of nature are extremely complex, and therefore, we as humans should attempt to grasp whatever little is in our control and leave the rest to the interplay of the limitless canvas of time and space, which many refer to as God.

The big question then, is how are Time: Space: Money interacting with each other and playing out for each of us in the Universe to bring about and manifest the supreme goal of satisfaction and lifelong contentment?

Let me know what you think? It will be great to hear your views and sharpen out thinking together.

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Coming up in the next blog: Circle of Control

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